About Patrons

In January 2020 I decided to go on a bit of a retreat, detox and leave social media. My intention was to focus on my inner creative spiritual journey and practice including meditation. 

My productivity increased and I felt liberated, calm and crystal clear. 


I set up special hidden pages on my website and gave exclusive access to online members-only via an email sign up. I also set up the patron page so that I could offer affordable original artwork, paintings and prints as part of the benefits.

 However, since then, the world is a different place.

I am unsure of what I can offer you at the moment, how long I can send artwork through the post or what the world will look like tomorrow.


I have therefore decided to 'reopen' the site giving everyone full access.


I have also simplified the patron page.


If you are able to support a very small creative business and individual through uncertain times then all will be gratefully received. 


If you are a fellow creative working from home or in the studio

in isolation and would like some uplifting, positive

and FREE

email support then 


NEXT signed original paintings release date

16th April 2020

10.00 am UK / London time

Collection no2

Pocket-Sized originals on paper