Mandalas for a modern world

The concept of the 'Universal Maps' is that each artwork is an imaginary map of the entire and infinite universe beyond Laniakea [Immeasurable Heaven], the supercluster, we call home. It is a map of our inwardly and outwardly interconnectedness to each other and our place in the universe.

​What you see within the artwork will depend on your perspective and it will be unique for everyone. In the same way, as you might use an Atlas to navigate safe passage across the earth each artwork contains all the intergalactic highways and crossroads you will need to journey across all planes of existence simultaneously.

​Each one is everything and nothing

They are a reflection of your internal world and the ethereal world.


They represent only what you construct them to become, and all worlds imagined are true.





How the transcendental geometrics, 'Mandalas for a modern world' arrived in my practice is twofold.

At first, it was a consequence of my exploration into seamless repeat patterns for textiles and research into British manufacturing processes and how artists can be part of industry. But then it also became about my personal research into Buddhism, meditation, kundalini, chanting and mindfulness techniques.

 The more I worked on the mandalas the more I noticed.  Over 800 designs were made.

The repetitive sound of kirtan devotional music and chanting whilst making the work resulted in a different flow of artistic energy. Podcasts and a satang of heart-centred teachings exploring consciousness created a stillness of mind and profound focus to my creativity.

It was then that I appreciated I was not producing arbitrary wallpaper and textile designs but creating infinite repeat patterns about our expanding and infinite universe.